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The harp was once a famed instrument of power, magic and imagination.
I'm a harpist dedicated to returning the harp to its former glory.
Every day that I get to sit behind the harp, I'm directly reconnected to history, mythology, mysticism.
It's an incredible life.

My guess is you've been swept up by the power of the harp too.

Today, I perform harp music worldwide, drawing on global harp traditions
and the sheer mystical force of music.
This website is dedicated to my music and performances.

I also teach dedicated harpists to access their highest creativity
and thrive in today's challenging musical landscape.

Visit my teaching website here: Bright Knowledge Academy.



"I always thought harps were sissy, delicate instruments.
The way Diana Rowan plays makes even non-harp fans sit up and notice.
Not exactly Celtic, but international, melodic, rhythmic, syncopated, complex.
This harp music has cojones."
Steven Friedland, founder 5th St. Farms Concert Series 

Golden Gear Best Performing Artist 2015